Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Game-1-
Here is your guide to Trophies and Achievements on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Bronze - Setting the Score: The player has beaten a friend's Autolog Recommendation.

Bronze - Graffiti: Written on the Wall.

Bronze - Share the Dream: Shared a Dreamshot.

Bronze - Socialite: 5 or more NFS Friends.

Bronze - Gotcha!: First Racer Bust.

Bronze - Officer: Promoted to Officer.

Bronze - Patrolman: Promoted to Patrolman.

Bronze - Trooper: Promoted to Trooper.

Bronze - Sergeant: Promoted to Sergeant.

Bronze - Lieutenant: Promoted to Lieutenant.

Bronze - Undercover: Promoted to Undercover.

Bronze - Captain: Promoted to Captain.

Bronze - Pursuit Agent: Promoted to Pursuit Agent.

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