Time Hollow
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Nintendo DS

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WB952: 73%

MLC: n/a

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Time Hollow is a standalone visual novel made by Konami.


The game follows a seventeen year old boy who finds a pen that has the power to change the past. Throughout the course of the game the past is changed several times and the player has to restore time to what it used to be like.


The gameplay mainly consists of drawing "holes" in time to access and change the past. The player has to navigate through a network of locations to find information about flashbacks that the main character has about the past. Once this is done the player can change the past to rectify what he knows as right.


Ethan Kairos: The game's protagonist. Wakes up one morning to find that his parents have been missing for twelve years. With the help of the Hollow Pen he has the power to change time.

Kori Twelves: Ethan's friend. She helps you throughout the game.

Irving Onegin: The game's antagonist. Has a grudge against Ethan and his family.

Timothy Kairos: Ethan's father. Had the Hollow Pen before Ehtan.

Pamela Kairos: Ethan's mother.

Derek Kairos: Ethan's uncle. Looked after Ethan in a world where his parents went missing.

Complete list of Time Hollow Characters

International Release DateEdit

Japan: 19/3/2008

N. America: 23/9/2008


Gamespot: 5.5/10

IGN: 7/10

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