Black Rock Studio, Sumo Digital (PSP)


Disney Interactive Studios


Racing, Action

Number of Players



PS3, XBOX 360, PC and PSP

Split/Second (Split/Second: Velocity in the UK) is a 2010 arcade racing title developed by the now defunct Black Rock Studio. It was published by Disney Interactive Studios.


Breaking away from the typical third-person point-to-point arcade racing of late, Split/Second allows players to trigger a series of explosive and collapsable traps about any given track to muddle the standings and throw a spanner in the works.


Adopting a simplistic arcade playstyle, Split/Second plays like any other high-octane racer but with the added benefits of the 'power play' - events that can be triggered by the player to alter the landscape with as much as a single button press.

Cancelled SequelEdit

In December 2010, the proposed sequel to Split/Second was cancelled after a staff reduction at Black Rock Studio. Despite efforts in attempting to move forward with the project, it was ultimately scrapped after new management at Disney altered the company's business model. As a result, Black Rock Studio closed the following year.

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