A Shoot 'Em Up that will change the way we look at gaming forever.

Game: Red Dead Redemption
Reddeadredemption boxart-1-


Rockstar Games


Third-Person Shooter/Shoot 'Em Up/Action/Adventure


Red Dead

Number of Players



PS3 and XBOX 360

Gameopedia Rating

WB952: n/a

MLC: 98%

European Release Date



From the makers of Grand Theft Auto, comes Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption. Set in 1900s America, a gunslinger roams the plains of the Wild West in search of the people who kidnapped his family.


Like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption is a Free-Roaming game. The player gets a Third-Person perspective of the game, really to give you a better feel. It looks graphically stunning, you can ride horses (and skin horses. Yuck). The player can also get hold of a wide array of weaponry.


Characters include:

John Marston - The main guy in the game, a cool looking guy and knows how to handle guns.

Nigel West Dickens - A "miracle doctor" you may put it. A flamboyant travel salesman with a unique line of top-end medicines.

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