Game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright Box




Visual Novel, Point & Click, Detective


Ace Attorney

Number of Players



Nintendo GBA, Nintendo DS, Nintendo WiiWare, Microsoft Windows

Gameopedia Rating

WB952: 92%

MLC: n/a

European Release Date

DS: 31/03/2006

WiiWare: TBC

Age Rating


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the first game in the Ace Attorney Series. It follows the adventures of rookie defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, on his quest to prove his clients innocent.


The game is split into five cases. Each of these cases is a murder case. The objective of each case is to prove a client innocent, thus moving to the next case.


The game, being a visual novel, is mainly played by navigating menus. During the investigation phase, you can move, examine, present or talk to find evidence and information to use in court. In the court, when a witness is called, you must either press them to find more information or present evidence that contradicts the testimony.


Phoenix Wright: The protagonist in the game. A defense lawyer who will do anything to help a client.

Maya Fey: Phoenix's second client, best friend and assisstant. A spirit medium that is able to channel Phoenix's dead mentor.

Miles Edgeworth: The defendant in the forth case and the main prosecutor in the game. A ruthless prosecutor in the game that will do anything to get a guilty verdict.

Mia Fey: Phoenix's mentor and the victim in the second case. A spirit medium and a defense lawyer without peer.

Manfred von Karma: The prosecutor in the forth case. Hasn't known defeat in forty long years of prosecuting.

International Release Dates

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released in Japan on the Game Boy Advanced on the 11th October 2001. It was released on the Nintendo DS in Japan on the 15th September 2005, in North America on the 11 October 2005 and in Australia on the 8th March. It was released on Microsoft Windows in Japan on the 23rd December 2005. It was released on the WiiWare Store in Japan on the 15th December. It hit North America on the 11th January 2010.


Gamespot: 8.8/10.

IGN: 7.8/10.