Console: Panasonic Q
GC PanasonicQ-1-


Nintendo, Panasonic

Input Method

Joypad Controller

Game Media

Gamecube Mini-Disk, Standard Disk, DVD, CD



Backward Compatibility


Online Service(s)

Particular Game Online Play


Nintendo Gamecube



The Panasonic Q was Gamecube and DVD player hybrid licenced by Nintendo and made by Panasonic.


One major criticism about the Gamecube console was that it did not play DVD disks beacause of the small disk size. Thus, Nintendo and Panasonic decided to create a hybride. It was marketed for around $439 for a Japan DVD only version and $499 for the all region DVD version. Because of it's sheer price the Q was only released in Japan and was shortly discontinued because gamers could get a Gamecube and a DVD player for a much lower price. The Q features it's own version of the Gameboy Player because of the larger design of the console than the Gamecube.

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