F1 2010
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Codemasters Limited




Formula One

Number of Players



PS3, XBOX 360 and PC.

Gameopedia Rating

WB952: n/a

MLC: 95%

European Release Date


F1 2010 is the Formula One game that accompanies the 2010 season.


F1 2010 is a racing game made by Codemasters Limited. It features a total of twelve teams that are playable in the duration.


The game boasts many perspectives, as you can race in the cockpit or ride onboard with the main camera, resting on the top of the car. There are also many more to offer, but these were the ones that seemed most attractive at E3 2010. Handling is hugely improved this year. You can race in the car without that irritating feeling of driving aids interfering.


Teams include:

Scuderia Ferrari - A 'prestige' team. Race a full career and opt to drive for them in the future.

McLaren Mercedes - Another high-end team. With their cars given the honour of "1" & "2" written on them, you won't wanna mess with these guys!

Force India - A 'middle' team. Work a little through career and you could be offered a contract from them.

Hispania Racing Team - Possibly the lowest you could ever go in Formula One. You can definitely start off with this team when you begin career.

International Release DatesEdit

Japan: N/A.

N. America: N/A.

Australasia: N/A.


IGN: 8.5/10.

GameSpot: 7.5/10.

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