DayZ is an open-world zombie survival game set in the post-Soviet state of Chernarus.

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Developer(s): Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive



The post-Soviet Russian state of Chernarus is brought to its knees as a mysterious virus causes most of the population to become extremely violent zombies. Players must scavenge for resources, such as basic foods, water, and melee weapons or guns and their respective attachments. You will also be faced with tough decisions as relations with other survivors turn bad, escalating into fully-fledged gunfights or clan wars. It may even be considered a slightly tongue-in-cheek game, as players can drink disinfectant and die, or lick batteries for reasons unknown.

Release Dates

The game is currently a work in progress, where it resides in Steam's Early Access programme as of April 20th 2014. It initially launched on December 16th 2013, where it is widely considered one of the most problematic public alpha titles to ever land on the network. Issues include zombies being able to freely walk through walls, and players suddenly glitching through several floors of a building, only to hit the ground and die. Poor hit registering is also another known issue.