This is the third in the series of AvP games. Go to MLC's Latest Reviews Page 5 to see his verdict on the FPS/Hack 'N' Slash.


The player plays three different campaign modes, Alien Campaign, Predator Campaign and Marine Campaign. Multiplayer also adds to the action with many different game modes including Mixed Species Deathmatch and Infestation.


The game is always played in a first-person perspective apart from cut-scenes (of course). In multiplayer, you can use a frenzy of different fighting moves and finish your enemies off in the - nicest - ways as possible. Prepare for a lot of decapitation, venturing inside other things' heads and stabbing a lot of marines with your tails!


Rookie - You play as him in the Marine Campaign.

Subject 6 - Play as it in the Alien Campaign.

Predator - Err... yeah, plays as it in the Predator Campaign.

International Release DatesEdit

North America: 16th February 2010

Australasia: 18th February 2010


Gamespot: 5.5/10

IGN: 8.5/10