Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Ace Combat Assault Horizon PC Cover Art


Namco, QLOC (PC)


Namco Bandai Games


Action, flight

Number of Players



PC, PS3 and X360

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is a 2011 arcade air combat game developed by Namco and published by Namco Bandai Games.


Set in East Africa, Assault Horizon pits the player in the role of Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop in a series of story-driven levels, where the US and Russia must attempt to thwart the threat of the fictional SRN Rebellion.


A prominent new feature for the Ace Combat series seen first in Assault Horizon is the close-range assault system, or "CRA" for short; these are more intense firefights initiated by the player at certain points during the singleplayer campaign. The game is played in both first-person and third-person perspectives.

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