Ace Attorney
Fact File
Genre Visual Novel, Detective
Theme Courtroom Drama
Platforms Nintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Nintendo Wii Ware
Number of Titles 5 (6 in Japan, 1 Upcoming)
Setting 2011-2026, Los Angeles (an unnamed city in the Japanese versions)
Number of Players 1

Ace Attorney is a massively popular Nintendo DS game series created by Capcom.


The Ace Attorney Series is split into four games with a fifth one acting in a spin-off series. In the first four games, the player plays as a defence lawyer, who has to prove his clients (defendants in near impossible murder cases) innocent. In the fifth game, the player is a prosecution lawyer that must find the truth behind a case so that the wrong person is not suspected. The five games are:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (Upcoming)

Gyakuten Kenji 2 (Upcoming)


WB952 will be reviewing all games in this series and the series on the whole sometime in the future.

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